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Opinion on love

Here's what I think...

Rose, Large

The dating game

Today dating is seen as part of life's game. It is harmless and fun. Or is it? Although to you, dating is a way to find out what someone's like. But why do we do that? On the surface, we see dating as romantic and entertaining, but in reality, dating is done with a view to find your life partner. Even if you are young and don't realize it.

You might decide that, after a few dates that person isn't your type, but what about the other person's feelings? We were born with the innate knowledge of protecting ourselves against pain and humiliation, but in the process we tend to forget that the person has the same feelings as well.

When dating and it doesn't work out, be considerate. We don't know how it affects other people.

Don't dwell on a broken relationship, I'm sure the other person isn't which is why it will hurt YOU more when you see them with their new partner.

Sunset 1

Illustration: Sealed with a kiss

Love is deeper than romance

Everyone wants romance in their relationships, but love is deeper and more profound than romance. There is nothing wrong with flowers or chocolates, but if you are looking for that 'perfect' person, like everyone else is, then you'll realize that love is about loving their faults and bad habits, not the butterflies that are in your stomach everytime you see them.

A broken heart

When we encounter a broken relationship, it can be hard. It may even make us wary about future relationships. Even if you knew the relationship was going nowhere and you saw an end inevitable, an ended relationship can stir doubts about oneself in anyone. We all start to wonder if we were rejected because of personal flaws we had. Rejection can make a personality falter, but remember that people only reject one another because they realize that you weren't the 'right' person for them. Even if you thought you were.

Don't forget that if your partner decides that you weren't their 'soulmate' then obviously you weren't meant to be together. Being with someone and them being your life partner means that you share the same feelings. You can't make a relationship work with just one person's feelings.


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