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Opinion on friendships

What makes a good friendship?

True friendships are relationships that are hard to come by. Anyone can have a friend, but many people can be your friend for different reasons. I'm not saying that the friends you have are not really your friends, but most people have unconscious reasons why they are your friend, and they may not realize it.

When you meet someone for the first time, you look for qualities in them that you yourself have. In those first instances you decide whether you are going to like that person or not. You also could be attracted by the fact that they are funny or outgoing and you know you're not, so you unconsciously want to be that person's friend to make up for the qualities that you feel you don't have.

Keeping friendships are harder than finding them. You may feel that the reason why you have no friends is just because you don't meet enough people, but think about it. You have been meeting people all your life, it's the ways that you go about cultivating friendships is what counts.


True friends are ones that listen to you and love you despite your personal flaws. If someone is more interested in their own benefits over yours, then your caring friendship needs to be reconsidered.

Illustration: Teens hanging out


If you find that your friends only call you for a reason and don't take an interest in you, then you have to reconsider your friendships. Don't be afraid of being alone. There are hundreds of people that you come into contact each day, whether in the street or at work. Talk to people and find out what they like. Just because you only have a few friends doesn't mean you are unlikable. If your 'friends' aren't being friends, find some real ones. After all, it's them who loses out on a great person.

Hold onto your true friends, you don't know when you might need them most.